Brookswood Awards Assembly: June 11, 2015

Please join us in celebrating the 2014-2015 school year at our annual awards assembly at 1:00 pm on June 11, 2015.  Award winner parents/guardians will be informed via email and/or phone prior to the assembly.  All parents and guardians are invited to join us in the big gym for this momentous occasion!



Brookswood Drama Department Presents


Doors open at 6:30//Tickets $5 (at the door)



Monday May 25

Clemency by Magi McFetteridge


Player 2, Press Start by Matt Robertson

The Games We Play by Taylor Clough

Kingdom Of Clichés by Belle Hernberg- Johnson


Tuesday May 26

You and I by Sequoia Marchand


The Book of Love by Morgaine Lee


Where Are My Pants? by Kaitlyn Santa Juana

Thursday May 28

Chip On My Shoulder by Kelsey Parsons


The Knock by Rachel Sault


The Art of Flirting by Hannah Loewen

Grad Song: Survey

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Intramurals: CHAMPIONS

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PE Students of the Month: April


2015-2016 Calendar

Please see the following attachment:

2015.2016 Secondary Linear Calendar


Dress Code Reminder

While in many ways it is nice to see the weather cooling down in classrooms today, the last few days have reminded us that we need to remind students about a few “warm weather” issues:

We have a dress code in effect at Brookswood.  Quite simply, this states that while different dress is appropriate for different places, while at school at Brookswood, we should dress for what is appropriate for a workplace.

1. This means that undergarments should not be visible – bras and underwear showing are NOT workplace appropriate.  Bare midriffs and low scoop necks are also NOT workplace appropriate.
2. While some short shorts are acceptable at the beach, they are NOT workplace appropriate and are not acceptable at school.

If there are any concerns about dress code, a staff member will quietly and respectfully ask you to put on a T-shirt or sweatshirt, or to change your shorts.  You are expected to comply.  If you do not comply, you will be sent to the office.

Please respect our shared workplace by carefully assessing whether or not you are dress appropriately for a day at school vs. another setting.


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